We’re on a mission.

A mission for vape juice purity.
A mission for super-consistent flavor.
And a mission for smooth, pleasant throat hits every time, with no parching.

Big Jug Vape mixologists really do go to tremendous lengths to find the highest quality ingredients around. We work into the night, carefully fine-tuning the formulations. Maybe we’re a little obsessed. But maybe that’s not so bad.

The thing is, as vapers ourselves, we can tell when a e-juice company cuts corners. And we know you can too.

Each and every batch of Big Jug Vape e-juices goes through a multi-point cGMP quality standards check, from initial lab testing of raw materials, to the final batch review. We’ve put together a unique range of testing methodologies to make sure that what you vape is clean, high quality, and of course tasty. From microbiological screening, to ingredient assay and organoleptic review by expert mixologists, nothing is left to chance.

Vaping is our world, and we take it pretty seriously. We enjoy exchanging ideas and experiences with other vapers, in person and in social media. Share your stories with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And share our story with the vapers you know.

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